Your Safety is our priority number one!

In order to offer you the highest safety during the operation with our devices, all our vacuum lifters are equipped with special safety features.

They are not only satisfying all of the required norms, but they also insure you the best and the safest available policies so you and your staff can work without any troubles.

All our lifters are designed with a double safety and thanks to a generously calculated vacuum tank, we can grant you, in case of a power failure, over 5 minutes of vacuum which avoid the load of falling down during the transportation. For that we equipped our lifters with non-return valve which make sure that the absorbed air is not going to return into the vacuum tank.

The function “vacuum release” is always based on a “two hand” operation in all types of vacuum control. By doing that an unintended release of the vacuum can be prevented.

In the unlikely event of vacuum loss, a warning device will immediately draw your attention.. You can choose between a purely acoustic or an optical and acoustic (90dB (A)) warning unit.

In addition to this, our vacuum lifters are equipped with our patented “main switch monitoring system“. This unique technology indicate you, when the machine is deactivated but there is still vacuum on the tank.

With every delivery you get extensive and simple explained operating manual with all information about how to operate our products. Everything we mentioned in this post will be explained very detailed.

Do you have any questions? Then please be free to ask! We are looking forward to hear from you!

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