Turned on its head

Angled or L-shaped stones have been making gardeners' and landscapers' work difficult for a very long time.

Whether it's when edging flower beds, fixing slopes or building walls and boundaries - workers come up against their technical limitations all too often. The reason: The angled stones are manufactured in formwork stations. That means: The angle always faces upwards, the long side downwards. The problem: The stones cannot be removed and set down naturally.

Fortunately, Fezer has developed a solution to the problem: Our vertical rotary lifter reliably sucks in the stones and turns them on their head - in the truest sense of the word. Even the heaviest loads don't upset the device. Thanks to the large suction grippers and the narrow vacuum lifter, stones weighing up to 1,500 kilograms can be easily removed from the extremely narrow formwork station.

Immediately afterwards, the electrically operated slewing ring turns the stones through 180 degrees. In addition there's the amazing precision of the vertical rotary lifter. With the help of electrical adjustment of the suspension eye, the entire unit - including the load that has been drawn in - can be positioned with exceptional accuracy. The stones are precisely vertical, and can be placed with the angled side on the floor or on the pallet. The job's done in under a minute. You've completed your work safely, ergonomically, without leaving any marks and without any damage.

Safety always comes first with our vacuum lifter. It can help you with the following security features:

  • Ultra-large vacuum accumulator
  • Non-return valve
  • Release function via two-hand control
  • Visual and audible warning signals that sound the alarm in good time in the event of a power failure or if the vacuum is too low.

Operation could hardly be simpler: The innovative pendant control station performs all functions at the push of a button. You hardly have to worry about anything any more.

Has our vacuum lifter aroused your interest? Or maybe you're interested in a similar application? We would be happy to assist you with our many years of expertise and technical know-how. You can look forward to detailed and competent advice.


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