Lift glass elements and window elements

Glass and window elements
handle safely

Glass and window elements are absolutely vacuum-tight and therefore ideally suited for handling with vacuum technology.

That is why FEZER offers you a wide range of application options for the automated and manual transport of these materials. Regardless of whether glass elements have to be transported horizontally, rotated or swivelled.

FEZER offers you the ideal handling devices for glass elements with the VacuBoy, Mobilift and VacuPowerLift device series. These device series are so variably designed that they cover almost every requirement. Even for use on construction sites, FEZER offers you redundant device versions with dual-circuit vacuum systems in accordance with DIN EN 13155.

Lifting heavy glass panes, window elements, panes - with the vacuum lifters from FEZER

In addition, all manually controlled vacuum handling devices have the unique "main switch monitoring". FEZER thus sets new standards for the safety of your employees.

Customised suction spiders are available for automated production processes, which can be flanged to robot systems and linear axes. Depending on the requirements, the suction spiders are designed with simple control via solenoid valves up to bus control via valve terminal technology.

Common to all handling tasks are FEZER's high safety requirements. Largely dimensioned vacuum reservoirs and intelligent monitoring of the vacuum circuits via electronic vacuum switches guarantee safe and rational transport with maximum operational safety.

As clearly shown in the accompanying video, our selection of vacuum lifters offers effective solutions for a wide range of applications. However, even if our standard products are not exactly tailored to your specific requirements, we do not compromise. We offer custom solutions alongside our rugged and durable standard vacuum lifters to best support your individual work process.

Our goal on this website is to present you our diverse products and their numerous application possibilities. Each of our high-quality and, above all, durable vacuum lifters reflects our efforts to develop the perfect solution for you.

Sounds exciting? We would be happy to have one of our highly qualified employees visit you on site and discuss ways and possibilities for more efficiency, ergonomics and safety.

The powerful vacuum lifters from Fezer

Are you curious about our solutions? That makes us happy. We will be happy to advise you!
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VacuBoyWindow - Our
specialist for breakable.

With the VacuBoyWindow, we present a specially adapted device series that revolutionises your handling of window elements. The devices offer you the possibility not only to suck in window elements vertically, but also to turn them effortlessly to the left and right - and all this both electrically and manually.

As a special highlight, our units additionally offer the ability to swivel your window elements by 90 degrees or even turn them by 180 degrees.

Some examples of its areas of use

  • Handling of window elements
  • Restacking of glass panes
  • and many more...

VacuPowerlift - the powerhouse
for loads up to 200 kg.

With our innovative VacuPowerLift product series, suctioning almost any workpiece is child's play. Specially designed for glass elements, VacuPowerlift enables easy, safe and efficient lifting and transporting - all with just one hand. Experience the ease in your work with VacuPowerLift!

These are the areas of application of the VacuPowerlift tube lifters:

  • Cardboard packaging and logistics industry
  • For drums and containers in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Window and solar industry for glass panes and finished components
  • Wood, plastic and sheet metal industry for panel material
  • Construction industry for stones and concrete parts
  • Loading of CNC machines of all types
  • Handling of finished machines and machine parts

Special applications require special solutions

Our vacuum lifters in use
for glass and window elements.

Tube lifter with pneumatic swivel device for glass panes.

VacuPowerLift VPL180-90P-80KG

Tube lifter with pneumatic swivel device for glass panes.

Handling of window elements after final assembly


Handling of window elements after final assembly

VacuPowerLift - Lifting glass


Lifting glass

When lifting and rotating window elements

VacuBoy 90E

When lifting and rotating window elements

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