February 13th, 2023

At Fezer, "standard"
still means great

From customized special machines to innovative standard equipment – we make everything possible.

Admittedly, our standard products often get overshadowed by all the brilliant custom solutions. We definitely want to change that and give our VacuBoy the spotlight it deserves.

The Fezer VacuBoy: A masterpiece of suction technology

While it may sound theatrical, it's true: the VacuBoy is a powerful vacuum lifting device designed specifically for the safe and efficient transport of standardized sheets, dense wooden panels, glass sheets, and similar materials. With its robust design and versatile applications, it is an indispensable aid in numerous industries.

What the VacuBoy excels at:

  1. High load capacity: The VacuBoy is capable of safely lifting and transporting loads of up to several tons, making it ideal for demanding manufacturing environments.
  2. Versatility: Thanks to its customizable suction cups, the VacuBoy can handle a variety of materials, including wooden panels, metal sheets, glass panels, pipes, and more.
  3. Intuitive operation: With its simple and user-friendly controls, long training is unnecessary.
  4. Safety: The VacuBoy is equipped with various safety features, including an acoustic and, optionally, a visual alarm for low vacuum. In the event of a power failure, the load is held on the device for an extended period thanks to a vacuum reservoir, preventing unintended dropping.
Warneinrichtung - Standard bei Fezer Vakuumhebegeräten

Psst… exciting news!

This year, the VacuBoy is receiving some significant updates:

  • All VacuBoys will come standard with both acoustic and visual warning devices for low vacuum. What may be considered a "nice to have" elsewhere will be standard for us.
  • The height adjustment of the manipulation handle will be significantly simplified and made more ergonomic.
  • Using modern vacuum switches, the VacuBoys will not only become more elegant but also safer.

Curious? Stay in touch with us via our newsletter and social media. We'll keep you posted!

But back to standard! Fezer is globally renowned for its custom solutions and customer-specific systems. In many cases, reinventing the wheel is unnecessary, and a standard solution can be easily implemented for you. That's why we offer pre-designed variants of the VacuBoys.

The webshop is currently only available for customers in Germany: https://fezer-shop.com

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