Vacuum lifting devices for wood from FEZER

Solutions for the handling of
planks, wood, glue beams and chipboards.

For the handling of dense or porous wooden elements, FEEZR offers you several device series with which these workpieces can be handled safely and reliably.

With the VacuWood, planks, timbers and glue-laminated beams up to over 24 m in length can be handled. The vacuum is generated by dry-running vacuum pumps, which means that no oil residues can remain on the wood. This device series is particularly suitable for the safe restacking and commissioning of planks, timbers and glue-laminated beams.

In addition, all manually controlled vacuum handling devices feature the unique "main switch monitoring". FEZER thus sets new standards for the safety of your employees.

Lifting heavy wooden planks, blockboards, glue-laminated beams, porous boards - with vacuum lifters from FEZER

The VacuPoro series is suitable for transporting chipboard, MDF and OSB panels. Thanks to the powerful blower, these porous materials can be sucked up and transported absolutely safely. In addition, the unit series is also available with a swivel drive, which means that the panels can be picked up lying down and transferred to upright processing machines or vice versa.

In addition, chipboard, MDF and OSB boards can also be handled with the VacuPowerlift tube lifter. The tube lifter is characterised above all by its fast working speed. Because it uses the vacuum not only for suction but also for lifting the panels, it does not need any additional lifting aids such as chain hoists or rope balancers.

Simply move more

Our vacuum lifters in action.

As clearly shown in the accompanying video, our selection of vacuum lifters offers effective solutions for a wide range of applications. However, even if our standard products are not exactly tailored to your specific requirements, we do not compromise. We offer custom solutions alongside our rugged and durable standard vacuum lifters to best support your individual work process.

Our goal on this website is to present you our diverse products and their numerous application possibilities. Each of our high-quality and, above all, durable vacuum lifters reflects our efforts to develop the perfect solution for you.

Sounds exciting? We would be happy to have one of our highly qualified employees visit you on site and discuss ways and possibilities for more efficiency, ergonomics and safety.

The powerful vacuum lifters from Fezer

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VacuPoro - for the
ergonomic handling
of porous materials.

Let yourself be surprised by the impressive capabilities of our VacuPoro series. Because anyone who previously believed that porous materials could not be lifted with vacuum is now being proven wrong.

Thanks to high-performance vacuum blowers, the VacuPoro series generates impressive air flows that make it possible to lift even non-vacuum-tight workpieces safely. Forget conventional limitations and discover a new dimension in handling porous materials.

Whether wood, polystyrene, plaster or other porous substances - the VacuPoro series makes lifting and transporting an effortless and efficient process.

Lift safely and efficiently:

  • Porous wood boards such as MDF, chipboard and OSB boards
  • Styrofoam or plasterboard
  • And many more...

VacuWood - The specialist for
wood, glue beams and planks
up to 24 metres length

Experience the powerful efficiency of the VacuWood series: Equipped with a series of suction plates in longitudinal direction, it is specially designed for transporting wood and boards. Even glulam beams with considerable lengths of over 24 metres are no challenge for VacuWood. Transport timber, glue-laminated beams and planks efficiently and effortlessly!

Some examples of its areas of use

  • Removal of the wood after frame sawing
  • Storage and retrieval of wood
  • Timber picking

VacuPowerlift - the powerhouse
for loads up to 200 kg.

Discover the limitless versatility of our VacuPowerLift product series. Suctioning almost any workpiece becomes child's play with ease. The VacuPowerLift is also a powerhouse in the wood industry. Effortlessly and without compromise, even wooden planks weighing up to 200 kg can be transported safely and efficiently - and all with just one hand. Learn more about the unsurpassed power that our VacuPowerLift series offers you.

Its areas of use are:

  • Wood, plastic and sheet metal industry for panel material
  • Packaging and logistics industry for cardboard boxes
  • For drums and containers in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Window and solar industry for glass panes and finished components
  • Construction industry for stones and concrete parts
  • Loading of CNC machines of all types
  • Handling of finished machines and machine parts

Special applications require special solutions

Our vacuum lifters in use
for the handling of wood.

Vacuum lifter for turning 8,000 mm long solid wood panels.

VacuPoro VP-180E-1000KG

Vacuum lifter for turning 8,000 mm long solid wood panels.

Transferring blockboards from a standing shelf system to a dividing saw.

VacuPoro VP-90E-250KG

Transferring blockboards from a standing shelf system to a dividing saw.

Swiveling lifting device for feeding a standing panel-sizing saw.

VacuPoro VP-90E-250KG

Swiveling lifting device for feeding a standing panel-sizing saw.

Handling of laminated beams wrapped in foil up to 12,000 mm in length.

VacuWood VWLB-500KG

Handling of laminated beams wrapped in foil up to 12,000 mm in length.

VacuPowerLift for the handling of rough sawn timber planks.

VacuPowerLift VPL-100KG

for the handling of rough sawn timber planks.

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