April 25th, 2022

Our custom made
VacuBoy System

Apart from our standard products, we at FEZER offer custom-made products of all kinds. From small lifting aids for cardboard boxes in logistics to vacuum giants weighing several tonnes for space travel - innovations are the order of the day for us.

The decisive difference? We don't look for customers who fit our products, but develop products that fit our customers! In doing so, we opt for safe, durable and customised solutions - perfectly tailored to our customers' production process.

Today's article is about our latest special design.

The challenge for our highly qualified team of engineers was clear; to design a flexible lifting system with individually controllable suction plates for particularly large and heavy loads and at the same time to ensure the highest safety for the operator and the load.

The VacuBoy system stands for absolute safety when moving large loads. The highlight is the total of 8 suction plates, which are individually controlled, operated and monitored by radio remote control. Each of these suction plates has its own vacuum circuit and can be controlled independently of each other.

With our VacuBoy system, loads of up to 3,500 kg can be moved effortlessly via radio remote control. Each of these suction plates alone can safely suck in and hold a weight of 440 kg.

The necessary operating pressure is provided by the dry-running vacuum pump, which delivers 140 m³ of air per second.

The entire lifting construction can be easily and quickly attached to your cargo crane either via two or a single central suspension point. The total of 8 load hooks, which are attached to the ends of the cross beams, give you additional options for attaching loads or securing the goods being transported.

The load hooks can each carry one tonne, but should not exceed the total load capacity. When putting down the lifting device, two parking feet ensure that the suction plates are protected and do not touch the ground. This is easy on wear parts and protects your capital goods in the long term.

For the supplied radio remote control, a storage bag with Velcro fastener is attached so that you can always conveniently store it directly on the lifting device and never misplace it.


Like all our jacks, the VacuBoy system naturally complies with the DIN EN 13155 standard. The operator must press two buttons on the remote control with both hands to release the load. This deliberately chosen safety feature ensures that the load can never be released unintentionally, causing damage to property or personal injury.

And other safety features are also integrated ex works: you are warned immediately via an acoustic 90db as well as an optical signal (green lamp in case of operational readiness, red lamp in case of malfunction) should the intake pressure drop.

Due to the multi-circuit system, in which each suction plate is supplied via its own independent suction circuit, the material to be transported is held securely even if the pressure of a single suction plate drops. The operating pressure of each suction circuit is indicated separately via a manometer.

In addition, the basic construction of the VacuBoy system acts as a vacuum reservoir (buffer tank) and each individual suction circuit is secured by its own non-return valve. This means that even in the event of a power failure, the suctioned load can be held for a further 5 minutes, during which time the area below can be cleared and secured.


Do you also have a product requirement that no supplier has been able to meet so far? Do you also want products that are perfectly tailored to your work processes and make your production processes not only more efficient, but also safer?

Then arrange a non-binding initial appointment or visit us in our beautiful new building in Altbach and see for yourself with an on-site demonstration.

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