November 13th, 2023

Improving the Workplace –
Fall Trade Shows with Fezer

In the past few weeks, our colleagues have been enthusiastically engaged in their work, participating in the final two trade shows of the year.

In October, we said "Hello Dusseldorf!" as we contributed to a better working world at the A+A Trade Fair with our ergonomic lifting devices. This aligns perfectly with this year's theme, "Impulses for a Better Working World."

When employees continue to move heavy loads and boxes with the strength of their arms and backs, it eventually results in long-term sick leave. We demonstrated on this webpage how even a small load can lead to prolonged health issues.

In November, the Blechexpo in Stuttgart followed. While ergonomics is also crucial when lifting sheets of metal, the primary focus is on handling very heavy loads. Our VacuBoy and the VacuPowerlift shine in this regard, and they were essential participants at the trade fair. After all, experiencing our vacuum lifters firsthand provides a much better understanding of their application!

Many trade show visitors take advantage of this "hands-on" experience to form their own opinions. This is even more effective when delicious gummy bears serve as a "reward."

We particularly value the personal exchange with our customers at these trade shows. Over a cup of coffee, we discussed both old and new projects.We conclude with a positive summary and look forward to the trade shows in 2024. As the saying goes, "After the show is before the show!"

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