May 10th, 2024

Leading the Way

Implementing ifm's New
Digital Vacuum Switch

As one of the early adopters, the new vacuum switch PQ-Cube from ifm electronic was installed and tested on our VacuBoy. The vacuum switch was recently introduced at the Hannover Messe in front of a large audience. It impressed us right away and will now become a new standard feature for all VacuBoys with the Eco-Module. The Eco-Module, available as an additional accessory, automatically switches off the vacuum pump when not in use.


New PQ-Cube Now
Standard with Eco-Module

We are now using a new component, the PQ-Cube. This digital vacuum switch monitors the individual suction chambers using pressure sensors, ensuring the load capacity of each chamber and the associated vacuum level.

Currently, our VacuBoys are equipped as standard with an acoustic warning device. In the future, this will be supplemented with an optical warning in the form of a red glowing display.

Abrupt Vacuum Changes?
No Problem!

Whether due to wear or incorrect usage, a loss of vacuum pressure can occur. It is our responsibility to ensure the safety of your employees. The new vacuum switch significantly improves safety. With the red/green display change, it immediately alerts workers to any changes in vacuum. This allows for timely reaction to vacuum loss and ensures that nobody is in the danger zone. Additionally, the helper has access to the pump, which can be automatically turned on or off as needed.

The PQ-Cube is placed on the vacuum reservoir to continuously monitor the vacuum. It visually displays the vacuum level to the worker through a percentage display. Since the percentage display is globally recognized and easily understandable, reading errors are avoided.

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