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April 24th, 2023

Our flexible
adaptation artist:
the VacuBoyVario.

It is not without reason that its great advantage is already in its name: Vario stands for "Variable" or "Flexible", which is exactly what makes our VacuBoyVario so special.

It is important to us to support our customers in all aspects every day with high-quality vacuum lifters. As a world-renowned custom machine builder, no lifting challenge is too big for us, and in addition to countless custom products, we naturally also offer a wide range of standard devices.

However, our customers, their industries and accordingly their lifting requirements are as different as day and night. This makes it all the more important to offer devices that are true flexibility artists.

Adaptation is a top priority for them and they are up to almost any challenge. That's why we would like to introduce you today to one of our standard devices with the highest adaptability: The VacuBoyVario.

Each suction plate of the VacuBoyVario is equipped with a valve that can be operated manually. This means that each individual suction plate can be controlled independently of the others and the vacuum lifter can thus be flexibly adapted to the workpiece. It goes without saying that our devices are equipped with a vacuum meter for individual vacuum monitoring for each suction plate (#SafeWithFezer).

With the VacuBoyVario, the suction plates are not attached with a rigid fastening by means of cross beams, as is usually the case, but are attached to the basic unit by means of ropes, shackles and eyelets. This very unusual attachment and connection method enables the VacuBoyVario to suction workpieces with unusual geometries (such as pieces of furniture) without great effort and to transport them with ease.

But the flexibility and versatility don't stop there! Thanks to its intelligent design, the VacuBoyVario can swivel workpieces without additional drives. To do this, the horizontal load must be sucked in at the edges and lifted. Gravity then does the rest for you. (IMG1)

Classic applications for our VacuBoyVario are, for example, the assembly of interior fittings in mobile homes (IMG2) or the transport of block geometries such as cabinets. (IMG3)

But of course, the applications are just as flexible as our VacuBoyVario. (IMG4)

Safety First is, as always, the motto.

Of course, our VacuBoyVario is also equipped with all our well-known safety functions such as vacuum reservoir, warning device and two-hand function for releasing and some more as standard. Because the well-being of your employees is close to our hearts.

And the cherry on top of the flexibility cream topping?

We also offer our VacuBoyVario with battery operation. Then not even the power socket will stop you. So what are you waiting for?

Do you have a product requirement that no supplier has been able to meet? Would you also like products that are perfectly tailored to your work processes and make your production processes not only more efficient, but also safer?

Then arrange a non-binding initial appointment or visit us in our beautiful new building in Altbach and see for yourself with an on-site demonstration.

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