April 30th, 2024


Because at Fezer, we didn't come up with the slogan 'Simply move more' for nothing.

Because at Fezer, we didn't come up with the slogan 'Simply move more' for nothing.

Whether it's picking cartons in logistics centers, lifting stones or concrete parts in the construction industry, or handling panels in wood and sheet metal processing, our VacuQuicklift can be found everywhere and impresses everyone with its versatility and simple operation!

Now it's just
'Suction, Lift, Lower, and Release.'

The VacuQuicklift is available in two basic versions. One lifts only horizontally, while the other version also allows tilting of workpieces with a swivel function. All operating functions such as suction, lifting, lowering, and releasing are child's play thanks to our patented single-handed operation.

The VacuQuicklift can quickly and easily adapt to various requirements and conditions through a quick-change system, a rotating device, a radio remote control, and a variety of different suction grippers. Additionally, it can be equipped with a longer operating unit upon request, allowing workpieces to be transported from low or very high heights while maintaining an ergonomic operating position.

Can it get any better?
Of course, with the Multigripper attachment!

From the moment our Multigripper attachment complements our vacuum lifters, things get really exciting. Because this suction attachment was specially developed for the VacuQuicklift and greatly simplifies the work of your employees in the logistics industry. Our 'Terminator' - sorry, we mean 'Multigripper' - is not stopped by small gaps and cracks. It effortlessly lifts various sizes and surface textures.

The special feature is the optimal surface adaptation of the total of 40 nozzles and bellows suction cups. These ensure that the sucked air, which is not sucked in by the occupied suction cups, does not cause any significant loss of performance. For example, several smaller cartons can be sucked onto pallets and lifted together. The Multigripper is also a secret weapon in areas where speed is essential. Thanks to the wide contact surface equipped with many small suction cups, it doesn't matter if the employee doesn't cover the entire surface of the workpiece to be lifted. With the Multigripper, only about 60% of all suction cups need to be occupied to achieve the desired lifting capacity.

So, have you had your personal 'aha' moment yet?

If not, our sales professionals are happy to come for a demonstration at your company!

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