October, 19th 2023

VacuStand – the
Assembly Genius

Do you know that feeling? Before you've explored a certain area, such as working in a new industry, you had no idea about the highly fascinating processes or solutions behind it.

At Fezer, we regularly experience these "aha" moments when visiting customers. Sometimes, the solutions are surprisingly simple, and everyone wonders, "Why didn't I think of that?"

One such surprisingly simple yet ingenious solution is the Fezer VacuStand. It's essentially the technological answer to the question: "How do I secure individual parts without having to place them somewhere and risk scratching them? A few years ago, we found the answer: the VacuStand, a stationary work stand that allows, for example, the fixation of delicate vehicle glass panes during assembly.

A Peek under the (Suction) Hood

The VacuStand utilizes the power of vacuum. With sturdy aluminum profiles, it is modular and can be adapted to different workpieces. An optional 90° swiveling mechanism ensures ultimate flexibility. The workpiece can be brought into almost any position for processing. And the best part? Thanks to adjustable height, both the 1.70m-tall colleague and the 1.90m-tall colleague can enjoy ergonomic working heights.

Endless Possibilities

It's not just a phenomenon in the USA; it's also with our VacuStand!
But where is it specifically used?

  1. Attaching seals to window elements in the automotive, caravan, and commercial vehicle sectors
  2. Processing seat surfaces for chairs in furniture production
  3. Grinding work on aluminum or other plates
  4. Assembly of small control boxes
  5. Assembly of cabins for commercial vehicles
  6. Many other imaginable applications. Creativity knows no bounds!

No Electricity – No Problem

The VacuStand is also available with a battery module, making it independent of a direct power connection. Now, are we done with our praise hymn? Almost. We'd like to mention that, mounted on a mobile base plate, it can be effortlessly moved and thus taken to different workstations.

Have we sparked your curiosity? Excellent! We look forward to your call or email.

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