January 18th, 2023

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Our vacuum lifting devices of all types and sizes support our customers worldwide in their lifting challenges every day and ensure an uncompromisingly safe, ergonomic and more efficient working day.

But our devices are not assembly line goods. We are known for our custom-made products and our eye for detail. Especially when it comes to the safety of our devices and also the energy efficiency.

Today's blog post therefore takes a closer look at our range of appliances. That's why we have another special innovation from Fezer for you today: a custom-made product from our VacuGiant product range for a customer from the automotive industry.

Our customer had an exciting lifting challenge:
a vacuum lifter was needed for the installation and transport of particularly large side elements weighing several tonnes.

The focus, especially when it comes to heavy loads, is on work safety and efficiency. Your safety is our highest priority. At Fezer, it's not about a quick increase in sales, but about happy customers, whom we often have the pleasure of accompanying for decades. We make their daily work easier and ensure their safety day after day. All true to our motto: Simply move more.

Here you can see the final result in detail. We explain the individual elements and their benefits in this blog post.

With this custom-made product, goods can be lifted very easily with the help of two powerful gear motors and swiveled up to 90 degrees to the left or right. The vacuum is controlled by means of an on-site radio remote control as well as by means of an integrated control bulb. A selector switch can be used to conveniently switch between these options.
The lifted goods can reach a length of up to fourteen meters, a width of two and a half meters and a weight of up to several tons. For comparison: A male giraffe can get up to 6 meters high, which means this device can lift up goods that are more than two giraffes high!

Saving energy is on everyone's minds - and our vacuum-controlled motor control (known to us as the Fezer ECO module) is in (almost) all of our machines.

Especially in today's world, factors such as energy efficiency, service life and operating costs are more important than ever, and at Fezer we have an answer to these requirements as well.
Our ECO module makes it possible to bring these factors to the fore without sacrificing effectiveness in the work.

How does it work?
A sensor permanently monitors the vacuum in the accumulator. As soon as a predefined maximum vacuum level is reached, the pump automatically switches itself off. Over time, the vacuum decreases to a (likewise predefined) minimum vacuum level. As soon as this is reached, the vacuum pump is automatically switched on again. All this without compromising process safety.

Here are the advantages again at a glance:

  • The vacuum pump only runs when needed.
    This leads to major energy savings #SustainableWithFezer.
  • The susceptibility to wear and tear is reduced.
    Spare parts therefore need to be installed less frequently
  • The service life of the vacuum pump increases.
    This reduces operating costs and increases efficiency


Such a vacuum lifter for heavy loads often has a proud dead weight itself. To protect the seals, many of our vacuum giants therefore have integrated parking feet as a standard feature. In addition, the parking feet allow the traverse to be parked when not in use without the suction seal remaining in contact with the floor. Among other things, this ensures a longer service life of the wear parts and thus more economical operation.


When we say uncompromisingly safe, we mean uncompromisingly. No matter what the conditions, no matter what the time. Here's a little insight: Learn more about safety in our blog post.

Acoustic and optical warning device

You can not only keep an eye on the vacuum level - you can also keep an ear on it. All our devices are equipped with an acoustic warning device as standard, which sounds an alarm (90dB) when the vacuum value drops. At the customer's request, we will gladly install an additional optical warning device (as in this special design), which indicates the current vacuum level by means of light bulbs. And what do our technicians always say here?
Red means “NO”, green means “GO”!

Backup plan with our backup battery

And to top it off as far as "better safe than sorry" is concerned, a backup system for the vacuum pump is also integrated. In the event of a power failure, the integrated batteries come on immediately and a backup pump ensures that the unit can still remain in use. This means that the loads are not simply dropped. The backup battery ensures that you still have at least 5 minutes to clear the work area under your lifted goods and, if necessary, get your employees inside to safety before the lifted load falls to the ground.

As you can see, a vacuum lifter from Fezer is more than just an ordinary vacuum lifter. It is a guarantee for safe and efficient work - often for decades to come.


Do you also have a product requirement that no supplier has been able to meet so far? Do you also want products that are perfectly tailored to your work processes and make your production processes not only more efficient, but also safer?

Then arrange a non-binding initial appointment or visit us in our beautiful new building in Altbach and see for yourself with an on-site demonstration.

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