Wall-mounted traveling crane


Our powerful wall-mounted travelling crane can be easily mounted to your wall. Aditional to its space saving construction it creates a big, square production area.
The extendable rails can be moved back and forth along the steel profile through an electrical control module with a speed of up to 20 meters per minute or throttled back to 5 meters per minute if needed.

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VacuPoro Wood


Our specialist for wood, Glued beams and planks of all kinds can transport, tilt and turn over your goods with lengths up to 24 meters and up to multiple tons of weight.
The adaptable suction plate suspension makes it even easier to adjust the VacuPoro to your goods. Especially while working with long and heavy goods this is a huge benefit to guarantee a safe and damage-free handling even for porous goods.

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Digital fair


Due to the corona virus a lot of fairs that were planned for this year got cancelled. Of course, we still want to inform you about our latest innovation and range of products in the best and informative way possible.
Therefore, we are going to start our own Fezer digital fair with livestreams and live-chat on our new website Fezer.tv. In our latest blog post we tell you a little bit more about it and present you our new

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VacuBoy Turner: Made for Glass


Handling glass is a logistical challenge. The problem: The larger and heavier glass panes are, the more sensitive and fragile they become. The solution to the problem: The glass panes must be lifted horizontally and swivelled vertically. Immediately afterwards, the glass elements must be rotated in both directions in the vertical plane.

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VacuPowerLift with magnets


Vacuum technology quickly reaches its limits when it comes to perforated panels, or panels with a particularly large number of cutouts. Either setting up the suction pads for the project is a laborious and time-consuming job or, in a worst-case scenario, it's not possible at all.

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VacuGiant for L-shaped stones


Angled or L-shaped stones have been making gardeners' and landscapers' work difficult for a very long time. Whether it's when edging flower beds, fixing slopes or building walls and boundaries - workers come up against their technical limitations all too often.

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VacuPowerlift – the perfect combination


The speed of the VacuPowerlift with the versatile area suction gripper! Thanks to the area suction grippers, the tube lifter can easily handle workpieces with very porous surfaces as well as holes, joints and gaps. 

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Your Safety is our priority number one!

In order to offer you the highest safety during the operation with our devices, all our vacuum lifters are equipped with special safety features. They are not only satisfying all of the required norms, but they also insure you the best and the safest available policies so you and your staff can work without any troubles.

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What was already good is now even better!

With the aim of constantly expanding our products and inspired by our company motto – “simply move more" - we were able to make our VacuQuicklift even more efficient with a simple addition.

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