Paper lifter in a fully automated paper store

Fully automated paper lifter with suction chamber recognition

Paper lifter with engaged paper roll

Special suction frame with attachment to remove paper layers

Safely move Paper Rolls and Paper Layers

For handling  paper rolls in automatic storage FEZER offers robust, efficient and above all highly intelligent paper lifters.

These are distinguished by high economy and operational safety. Telescopic centring pins can adjust themselves to different core diameters and guarantee an exactly centered engagement. Light sensors integrated the crane control make sure that they are exactly positioned. Additionally the correct setting-down is controlled by sensors and a deviation is reported back to the crane control. The vacuum supervision is done by special vacuum sensors that realize a possible decrease of the vacuum instantly and report back. On a possible power failure an integrated, interruption-free power supply guarantees that the engaged paper rolls are kept in place for a sufficient time period.

For fully-automatic production processes for sheet and circuit board handling with paper layers FEZER offers complete suction spiders that alternately separate sheets and paper layers. Thus production processes can be done efficiently and economically in combination with highest operational safety.

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