VacuGiant for handling 12000 mm long and up to 1500 kg heavy fibreglass tubes

Vacuum lifter for the horizontal transport of aluminum profiles

Combination lifter for transport of steel sheets by vacuum and subsequent transport of the welded tubes

Tube lifter VacuPowerlift with special suction foot for handling tubes

Handling of Pipes, Rods and Profiles

The handling of Pipes, Rods and Profiles requires a large know how and lots of experience.

FEZER offers special suction pads that can engage a large diameter range. This saves high preproduction costs. No matter if you have to handle pipes, rods and profiles manually or in an automated operation. Additionally, FEZER offer many option to adjust the pipe and rod lifters to your individual production processes.

For variable tube lengths different suction circuits can be built in which are automatically switched on or off.  This is done by flow valves that switch off the suction pads if they are not engaged or else by intelligent system solutions with vacuum supervision and valve islands.

On manually led pipe and rod lifters the required suction pads can be manually switched on and off. Furthermore, FEZER offers exchangeable attachments should the diameter range become too large to be picked up with one suction pad design.

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