VacuWood for transporting planks after a saw

VacuPoro in low height design for handling of prefab wall elements

Handling large-size chipboards with a tube lifter VacuPowerlift

Pneumatically opening and closing pallet gripper for tube lifter VacuPowerlift

Planks, Gluelam Beams and Chipboards

For handling dense or porous wooden elements FEZER offers various device series which can lift these workpieces in a safe and reliably way.

The VacuWood can handle planks, boards and gluelam beams up to a length of 24 m. The vacuum is generated by oilless vacuum pumps which prevent oily residues on the wooden parts. This series is especially suitable for the safe restacking and commissioning of planks, boards and gluelam beams.  Additionally all manually controlled vacuum lifters are equipped with the unique main switch supervision. FEZER sets new standards regarding the safety of your personnel.

For the transport of chipboards, MDF and OSB plates please choose the VacuPoro series.geeignet. The powerful blower guarantees that porous materials are safely engaged and transported. The series is also available with swivel feature; the plates can be picked up lying flat and transported to upright machines or vice versa.

Additionally chipboards, MDF and OSB plates can also be handled with the Tube Lifter VacuPowerlift. The tube lifter excels above all by its quick speed. Because the vacuum is not only used for engagement, but also for lifting the plates the lifter does not require additional lifting aids like chain hoists or balancers.

More videos about our Planks, Gluelam Beams and Chipboards solutions

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